The folks in Roxton might well have been residents of Prairie Mount today, had not the Post Office Department changed the name of their office there in 1869.

The present Roxton Post Office was first established on Sept 9, 1853 with James H. Stevenson as Postmaster.  The name given it was Prairie Mount.

            Pioneer settlers, seeking a more suitable name, took note of a fine ledge of limestone rock that crops out of the ground a mile from town.   They decided upon “Rockstown”, then decided to shorten the spelling to “Roxton”.  So on Feb. 2, 1869, the name was formally changed by the Post Office Department at Roxton.

            Information on the Roxton Post Office past and present is included in the History of Post Offices of the First Congressional District of Texas compiled by Congressman Wright Patman.  A revised version is now being prepared and the Congressman would appreciate any additional or corrections to the present information.

            Here is the list of Roxton Postmasters, and their appointment date:


            James H. Stevens, (Est) Sept 9 1853.

            Archillies Warnack, Oct 31, 1860

            John H. McAmis, Oct 11, 1866

            John H. Fowler, July 1, 1867

            John W. Denton, May 14, 1868

            Name changed to ROXTON, February 1869

            Richard B. Hamlet, Feb 2, 1869

            George M. McGlasson, May 8, 1872

            E.I. Shelton, Jan 28,1876

            George J. Hackleman, May 21, 1877

            John A. English, Aug 28, 1889

            Thomas P. Woodruff, April 12, 1893

            James M. King Nov 14, 1895.

            Marcelious N. Burkett, Dec 31, 1897

            Myrtle C. Bradshaw, June 17, 1913

            Roy C. Lattimore June 4, 1920

            William H. Tarter, May 26, 124

            Byron R. Hughes (Acting) Aug 1,1929

            Leslie L. Lowe (acting) March 5, 1934

            Smith W. Ribble (Acting) Aug 25, 1934

            Smith W. Ribble, Jan 25, 1935

            Mrs. Josephine L. Moore (acting) March 31, 1953

            Mrs. Josephine L. Moore Sept 30, 1954.



**This is from a clipping I found in my Mother’s things no date included.  This was one of a series on Post office history.  Clipping from The Paris News, Paris, TX   

Billie Thorp Self**