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I have listed many of the Lamar County books that are available, although certainly not all. If you own any Lamar County books, whether listed or not, and will do look-ups, please let me know. As you can see, volunteers are needed, and we can use more than one volunteer per book. Also included are record databases and, NOW, several CDs!

Feel free to request a look-up from the following resources. Please limit your request to one name per request. Please put LAMAR COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to insure the message is not overlooked or accidently deleted. In the first line of the message please put the name of the book you are requesting the lookup in. If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time.

Due to possible problems with copyright laws, you should not ask lookup volunteers to send you copies of pages from the books nor to extract large amounts of information from the resource. Several of the resources listed below are available for sale through the Lamar County Genealogical Society. You may review Books for Sale by clicking here. The indexes for some of the books are below.

Each resource is listed along with an explanation of the type of resource and whether the lookup is limited or unlimited. Where a resource is marked unlimited, the amount of information that may be obtained is only limited by the time the volunteer is willing or can devote to the lookup.

Reference Book/Database Type of Resource and Lookup Allowed Lookup Volunteer E-mail

Marriage & Cemetery Databases

Marriage Records 1841-1900 Online! Click here to search
The Death and Cemetery Records of Lamar County, Texas, a family history research project compiled by Ron Brothers (over 70,000 records in database) Online! Database

Census Records

1850 Census Lamar and Red River Counties, compiled by Skipper Steely Book - Limited Fred L. Graham
1860 Census Lamar County, compiled by Mary Lane Book - Unlimited Index is online - check there first then email Mary Walthall
1870 Census Lamar County, compiled by Mary Lane Book - Unlimited Index is online - check there first then email Mary Walthall
1880 Census Lamar County, transcribed by Don at Online! Start here

County History

First Settlers of Lamar County, Texas, by Gifford White, Information taken from the Originals in The General Land Office and The Texas State Archives, Austin, Texas. Book - Unlimited Frances Holland
History of Lamar County, by A. W. Neville Book - Unlimited Skipper Steely

Laurel Nowell

Loose Leaves of the History of Lamar County, by Ed H. McCuistion, compiled by Betsy Mills Book - Unlimited Index is online - check there first!
Then email: Betsy Mills
Fifty Years in Texas, The Diaries of John A. Rutherford, edited by Phillip R. Rutherford, printed 1985. Book - Limited Laurel Nowell
Backward Glances, Vol. 1, by A. W. Neville Book - Limited Barbara Ferrell
Backward Glances, Vol. 2, by A. W. Neville Book - Limited Barbara Ferrell
Backward Glances, Vol. 3, by A. W. Neville Book - Limited Barbara Ferrell
Red River Valley Then & Now Book - Limited Barbara Ferrell
Compiled Index to Elected and Appointed Officials of the Republic of Texas 1835-1846, by Texas State Archives, 1981 Book - Limited Laurel Nowell
Paris High School Yearbooks, 1920-1922 Book - Unlimited Barbara Ferrell
Paris High School Yearbook, 1935 Book - Unlimited Susan Glover
Paris City Directory - 1954 Book - Unlimited Yvonne Gray
Lost, Abandoned, Family and Small Cemeteries along the Red River Valley in Northeast Texas in Fannin, Grayson, Collin, Red River, Delta, Cooke, Hunt and Lamar Counties Book - Unlimited Nicol Brown
Six Months from Tennessee, by Skipper Steely - "A story of the many pioneers of Miller County, Arkansas, based upon the life of Claiborne Wright, the most dominant of those who dared to settle in what would become Southeast Oklahoma and Northeast Texas. Book - Limited Rebecca Hitzman

Other Volunteers

- these volunteers may ask to be reimbursed for expenses they incur (copies, printing fees, postage, film or video tape, etc.), but will not charge for their time. Please make sure if they will require reimbursement BEFORE asking them to do something for you. "Limited" means you may ask them for a few lookups/pictures/etc. - not "every Smith in the cemetery." For research beyond a few lookups, please consider hiring a researcher from the area. See the list of local researchers for hire. Before asking one of the volunteers to take a picture for you, please check these websites to make sure the picture hasn't already been taken:
At One Time    FindAGrave     Also check the Death and Cemetery Records

Cemetery Photos Limited Debra Usry
Cemetery Photos Limited Kriste Broussard
Obituary Lookups Limited Debra Usry

Indexes to Lamar County, Texas Publications

Lamar County Genealogical Society Quarterlies - (you can get the results from these using the search on the first page also)
Volume 3 - out of print
Volume 4-5 - no index available
Volume 6 and 7
Volume 8 and 9
Volume 10 and 11
Volume 12
Volume 13
Volume 14
Volume 15
Volume 16
Volume 17
Volume 18
Volume 19
Volume 20
Volume 21
Volume 22
Volume 23
Volume 24

Volume 25
1860 Lamar County Census
1870 Lamar County Census
Loose Leaves of the History of Lamar County

To order these books from the Lamar County Geneaglogical Society

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