By Ron Brothers

This unit can be found in Lamar County Deed Book L, page 268-271. It was organized by Captain Milton Webb on 16 Apr 1861 and filed for record in the County Clerks office in Paris, Texas on 18 Apr 1861: "mustered into service of the State of Texas Confederate States of America the ___ April 1861 by virtue of an ordinance of the State of Texas adopted in convention 18th March A.D. 1861, to provide in part for the military defense of the State of Texas and in order of his Excellency Gov. Ed Clark, dated Austin 21st March 1861 and attached to the Battalion of the Regiment of the Brigade Texas mounted volunteers."

Although no official roster is found in the 9th Brigade records of Texas State Troops or Militia, this unit was under the command of the 9th Military District Commander as were other troops similarly formed.

Adams, Henry A., Pvt.

Adams, J. John M., Pvt.

Allen, John W., Pvt.

Allen, Joseph, Pvt.

Ashcraft, William H., 2nd Sgt.

Bacon, James M., Pvt.

Barnett, George F., Pvt.

Beaver, Franklin, Pvt.

Bland, Perry, Pvt.

Brooks, Rufus J., Pvt.

Burnett, William J., Pvt.

Burns, Newton B., Pvt.

Clement, Ivey, Pvt.

Collins, Alfred C., Pvt.

Collins, Young, Pvt.

Crook, William L., Pvt.

Dawson, James M., Pvt.

Dennis, George W., Pvt.

Denton, Jonathan, Pvt.

Duff, Hiram, Pvt.

Elliot, Johnson M., Pvt.

Ewing, Henry L., Pvt.

Exel, William L., Pvt.

Foster, Robert S., Pvt.

Fowler, Jus. F., Pvt.

Freemand, Erasmus G., Pvt.

Gallowan, William, Pvt.

Gerron, Sol C., Pvt.

Gooding, George W., Pvt.

Grabbs, Benjamin, Pvt.

Hale, Creed, Pvt.

Hale, William F., Pvt.

Hancock, Rufus E., Pvt.

Harrington, John, Pvt.

Harrington, William, Pvt.

Harris, James N., Clerk.

Hill, Layfayette M., Pvt.

Hobbs, Harrison, Pvt.

Holmes, George Thomas, Lt.

Husbands, Jas. A., Pvt.

Jay, Jesse C., Pvt.

Jones, Robert Silas, Pvt.

Kaufman, Edward, 3rd Sgt.

Kiser, Valentine, Pvt.

Lawson, William R., Pvt.

Mason, George S., Pvt.

Mathews, Charles P., Pvt.

McCamant, J. D., Pvt.

McCloud, Norman, 1st Cpl.

McCuistion, B. L., Pvt.

McGlasson, George M., Pvt.

McGowan, William I., Pvt.

Miller, Gains, Pvt.

Moore, John L. F., 1st Sgt.

Morrison, Absolom W., 2nd Cpl.

Newby, John W., Pvt.

Nolan, Elija F., 4th Cpl.

Oshield, Lewis, Pvt.

Parr, Caney E., Pvt.

Parr, Charles W., Pvt.

Patton, John R., Pvt.

Payne, Robert N., Pvt.

Peavey, Leroy M., Pvt.

Perkins, William M., Pvt.

Phoemin, Jas. R., Pvt.

Pinkard, George N., Pvt.

Price, Ansel D., Pvt.

Puryear, John J., Pvt.

Reeves, Sherwood, 4th Sgt.

Ritchie, John W., Pvt.

Rogers, Wiley P., Pvt.

Rutherford, Griffith, Pvt.

Sabine, Melvin L., Pvt.

Sampson, Lewis H., Pvt.

Scruggs, John P., Pvt.

Sedocha, Pedro, Pvt.

Simpson, James W., 3rd Cpl.

Skidmore, William M., Pvt.

Smart, Lemuel G., Pvt.

Smith, Jas. M., Pvt.

Snaweley, Eli F., Pvt.

Spain, Hugh L. W., Pvt.

Stewart, Joseph S., Lt.

Stewart, Samuel L., Pvt.

Stonham, Henry, Pvt.

Strother, Thomas J., Pvt.

Strother, William B., Pvt.

Thompson, John W., Pvt.

Vaden, Leonidas, Pvt.

Vestal, William B., Pvt.

Waddell, Abel W., Pvt.

Webb, Milton, Capt.

White, John L., Sgt.

Whiting, James H., Pvt.

Wiley, John P., Pvt.

William, Wilson, Pvt.

Williams, Charles A., Pvt.

Williams, E. O., Pvt.

Williams, Henry M., Pvt.

Willis, Jacob, Pvt.

Wilson, James A., Pvt.

Winn, Henry H., Pvt.

Wright, James E., Pvt.

Wright, William, Pvt.

Yearger, John B., Pvt.

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