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21 Feb 1999

John E. Stunkard was born in Pennsylvania in 1825. I don't know my great-grandmother's maiden name, but her given name was Mary and she was born in 1831, in Pennsylvania. I assume they were married about 1848-49, but I don't know the exact date. In the 1860 Census of Lamar County, it is written that he was born in Tenn. Easily mistaken for Penn. I know they did come from Pennsylvania--there are a lot of Stunkards still there.

The John E. Stunkard family migrated from Pennsylvania to Lamar County, Texas in 1855. Two children were born in Pennsylvania:

1. Agnes E. Stunkard and

2. C. M. Stunkard.

The following children were born in Lamar County:

3. John E. Stunkard, born in 1856;

4. Paris Lamar (Perry) Stunkard (my grandfather) born December 30, 1858;

5. J. A. Stunkard born in 1859 or 1860; and

6. Walter Frank Stunkard, born in 1864.

My father, Charles E. Stunkard, was the son of Paris Lamar, and was born March 21, 1883 to Paris Lamar and Ceily Carter Stunkard.

Stories I heard when I was a child was that John E. Stunkard was a farmer and builder and built the first church in Paris--I don't know the truth of that because my father didn't discuss his extended family that much. Paris Lamar was a farmer and blacksmith, and lived near Winnsboro when he died. My father was a farmer and also a builder, building houses, and a bank in Enloe.

My father never talked about his family that much, although he was very close to a slew of first cousins (children of Agnes E. Stunkard and Kenneth Stephenson and of Walter Frank and Emma White Stunkard.

It is believed that John E. Stunkard is buried in Lamar County but there is no record of it.

The scratches on the picture of my great-grandfather, John E. Stunkard are there because it was copied from a very old and mis-used tin-type.

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