Anson Pinkney Shuman

17 May 1820 - 30 Sep 1908

Private, Sutton's Cavalry Company, CSA

By Ginger Byrum

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Lovington, NM, 88260

Anson Pinkney Shuman was born May 17, 1820-1827, in Salisbury, Rowan Co., North Carolina and was the son of John A. Shuman (born Sept. 12, 1794 in PA and died Feb. 17, 1875 in Salisbury, NC). His mother's name is not known.

Anson was married (place unknown) on Aug. 12, 1849 to Eliza A. Caswell Eidson (her mother was Athonial Bagwell). Their picture is to the left.

A. P. Shuman appears in the 1860 Lamar County Census Precinct 1, Family 312-312, age 35, born about 1825 in NC, 680/1150, Farmer.

A. P. Shewman (sic), Pvt., age not stated, appears on a Muster Roll and Election Returns from the Texas State Archives for the Texas Militia, Company for Lamar County, Texas, Beat No. 1, 9th Brigade of the State of Texas; officers elected on 10 Aug 1861, in Lamar County; company enrolled by R. J. Patton; A. M. Jeffus elected Captain commanding.

A. P. Shuman enlisted as a Private in Sutton's Cavalry Company, Confederate States Army as found in Texas Confederate Soldiers 1861 - 1865, Name Roster Volume I, Janet B. Hewitt, Editor, (Wilmington, NC, Broadfoot Publishing Co., 1997) p. 480.

Children of Anson and Eliza Shuman were:

1. Lewis W. Shuman, he was born May 16, 1850 in Deport, TX and died in McAlister, OK he was married to Mary Owens and had two children Omus and Lola.

2. Texas Idumus "Duck" Shuman, she was born Jun. 24, 1854 in Deport, TX and died Apr. 24, 1939 in Fort Worth, TX and married Jan. 10, 1872 to Cephas G. Kincaid. They had five children: Reese, Fred, Margaret, Lillian and Willie Kincaid.

3. Leonamus Devague Shuman, he was born Nov. 04, 1856 in Deport, TX and died Nov. 23, 1935 in Lubbock, TX. He married on Jan. 06, 1886 in Lamar Co. to Sarah Frances Ragsdale who was born Feb. 6, 1864 Marshall Co., MS and died Sept. 18, 1943 in Lubbock, TX. They had eleven children: Glenn, Carmen, Harry, Grady, Shelby, George, Tollye, Dick, Mary, Allene, and Tobye Shuman.

4. Lozona "Zonie" Shuman, she was born July 15, 1859 in Deport, TX and died June 30, 1955 in Milton, Lamar Co.,TX. She married on Dec. 21, 1879 in Lamar Co., TX to Henry Johnson who was born May 1849 in Sweden and died Nov 23, 1935. They had five children: Olive, Montra, Gera, Maxie, and Clara Johnson.

5. Anson Pinkney "Pink" Shuman, he was born Jan. 11, 1861 in Deport, TX and died Aug. 5, 1895 buried in Old Deport Cemetery. He married Emma Whiteman on Nov. 5, 1884 in Lamar Co., TX. They had three children: Nile, Erin and Pink Shuman.

6. Cube Shuman, he was born Mar. 24, 1864 in Deport, TX and died Feb. 13, 1930 buried in Highland Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX. He married on Dec. 12, 1897 in Red River Co., TX to Catherine Dawson who was born May 30, 1880 and died 1956 buried in Highland Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX. They had two children: Lenna and Juanita Shuman.

7. John Tonkawa Shuman, he was born Nov. 16, 1867 in Deport, TX and died Sept. 9, 1921 buried in Old Deport Cemetery. He married Sarah Edna Allison on May 16, 1900 in Lamar Co., TX. They had three children: Fred, Agnes and Bann Shuman.

8. Theodocia "Docie" Shuman, she was born Sept. 20, 1870 in Deport, TX and died 1960 in Deport, TX. She married Jan. 19, 1898 in Lamar Co., TX to Walter E. Bledsoe. They had two children: Harry and Mary Bledsoe.

9. Tobye Shuman, she was born Sept. 7, 1872 in Deport, TX and died Nov. 24, 1886 buried in Old Deport Cemetery.

Anson Pinkney Shuman's birth date varies. Cemetery records in Lamar Co. say he was born in 1820. The first census of 1850 says he was age 23. Seven years at that age is a lot of difference. It is possible he may have been actually 30 years old at that time and still living at home unmarried. His marriage date 1849 should have him and wife listed even if at the home of his parents in 1850, but she is not included.

1860 - Paris, Lamar Co., TX census:

A. P. Shuman, 35 combined property value $1830, b. NC;

E. Shuman, 24 b. NC (again she says NC);

L. Shuman, 8 male b. ? (can't read but not TX);

T. Shuman, 6 female b. TX;

D. Shuman, 4 male b. TX;

L. Shuman, 2 female b. TX.

The 1880 - July 10, Lamar Co., TX census shows:

Anson Shuman, 60, farmer, b. NC father b. PA mother b. PA;

Eliza Shuman, 44 b. NC (note where she says she was born ) her father b. NC mother NC;

Pink Shuman, 17 b. TX;

Cubecy Shuman,(spelling hard to read ) 14 b. TX;

John Shuman, 13 b. TX;

Thedisa Shuman, 10 b. TX;

Tobey Shuman, 7 b. TX.

Lozona Shuman, 18 and husband Henry Johnson 25 were living in the household.

Anson Pinkney Shuman, died on Sept. 30, 1908 and is buried in the Old Deport Cemetery. His double tombstone with his wife is inscribed, "A. P. Shuman and Eliza A. Shuman."

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