By Ron Brothers

From The History of Lamar County, by A. W. Neville, North Texas Publishing Co., 1937, pp. 115-116: "Pee Dee Organizes Company. Without waiting for orders from the military establishment of the state some companies were organized in Lamar county. One of the first of which there is a record was at Pee Dee, a settlement in the northeast part of the county (in Powderly and Bounds area) , which was organized June 8, 1861. The officers were:

W. R. Wilkins, Captain

W. H. Tinnin, First Lieutenant

L. W. Tinnin, Second Lieutenant

Pheaton Johnson, 1st Sergeant

D. W. Tinnin, 2nd Sergant

Stephen Tanner, 3rd Sergeant

E. H. Tanner, 4th Sergeant

T. H. Cobb, 5th Sergeant

J. A. Mebane, 1st Corporal

William Wilson, 2nd Corporal

R. Gathins, 3rd Corporal

William Stephens, 4th Corporal

Dr. W. E. Maddox, Surgeon

There is no record of the names of the privates, nor of whether the company entered the service as a unit."

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