By Ron Brothers

This unit was organized on 25 May 1861 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas. It is found in The History of Lamar County, by A. W. Neville, North Texas Publishing Co., 1937, pp. 116-117. A roster of the unit was also recorded in Lamar County Deed Book L, pp. 348-349. A copy of the original muster roll is at the Texas State Archives. The organization was characterized as a company of "light infantry and riflemen" and was assigned to the 9th Brigade of the Texas Militia. Many of these men later joined the 9th Texas Infantry, CSA. According to the Muster Roll and Election return, the unit was disbanded on 20 Jan 1862.

Appling, John, Pvt

Baker, R. M., Pvt

Bennett, James, Pvt

Birmingham, Ed, Pvt

Bonner, R. B., Pvt

Burton, J. L., Pvt

Chisum, Jeff, 4th Cpl

Clack, John Wiley: age 21, Pvt

Clack, T. M., Pvt

Click, Terrell Lemuel: age 33, Pvt

Crook, Jerre S., Pvt

Dider, Sebastian, Pvt

Dillard, Newton, Pvt

Dudley, John B., Pvt

Ferguson, R. C., Pvt

Fisher, A. F., Pvt

Floyd, Paulding, Pvt

Gaines, I. T., Pvt

Goodrich, Sterling Edmond: age 34, 2nd Cpl

Henderson, F. C., 3rd Sgt

Hendricks, G. W., Pvt

Hicks, James, Pvt

Horton, James R., Pvt

Hunter, W. C., Pvt

Jackson, F. W., Pvt

Johnson, Clement C., Pvt

Jones, J. W., 4th Sgt

Kennedy, William, Pvt

Lane, Frank, Pvt

Lane, J. L., 2nd Lt/3rd Lt

Lane, John O., Pvt

Latimer, Daniel Fitch: age 24, 2nd Sgt

Lewis, William H., Pvt

Long, A. B., Pvt

Long, George C., Pvt

Long, William H. H., 1st Sgt/Secretary

Luckey, Sidney S.: age 31, Pvt

Martin, J. J., Pvt

Massey, N. K., Pvt

Maxey, Samuel Bell, Capt

McLeod, Norman, Pvt

Millwee, W. H., Pvt

Miner, F. W., Pvt

Moore, Charles W.: age 19, Pvt

Mullens, James Warren: age 19, Pvt

Mullins, Tobias: age 32, Pvt

Patterson, A. S., Pvt

Patterson, James, 1st Lt

Phillips, William, Pvt

Pierce, George W., Pvt

Record, S. S., 3rd Cpl

Reed, Tilford M., Pvt

Richey, Andrew Jackson: age 23, Pvt

Richey, J. L., Pvt

Ryan, Alvis Parmley: age 24, Pvt

Silmon, F. W., Pvt

Smith, Carroll, Pvt

Smith, J. K. P., 5th Sgt

Speairs, P. M., Pvt

Street, J. K., Chaplain

Walker, Albert A., Pvt

Watson, John B., Pvt

Wetzel, Dixon E., Pvt

Williams, B. O., 2nd Lt

Williams, L. R., Pvt

Williams, William M., Pvt

Witt, James, Pvt

Womack, W. H., Pvt

Wood, W. J., Pvt

Wright, James H., 1st Cpl

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