By Ron Brothers

This unit organized in Precinct (or Beat) No. 4 of Lamar County Texas and filed muster roll and election returns on 26 Aug 1861. A copy of the muster roll is located in the Texas State Archives. It states the following:

"I, Jno. W. Moore enrolling officer of Beat No. 4, Lamar County Texas for active service do hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct list of all the Militia in the aforesaid Beat and that the list of officers annexed is a correct list of officers legally elected by said Militia on the 26th of August 1861.

We the undersigned officers of the election held at Mound Prairie School House, Lamar County Texas on the 26th August 1861, for the election of Officers for the Militia enrolled by Jno. W. Moore for Active Service do hereby certify that the following Officers were fairly and legally elected."

Allen, John, age unknown, 3rd Cpl.

Baker, David, age 17, Pvt.

Baker, John, age 31, Pvt.

Baker, Samuel, age unknown, Pvt.

Ballinger, Henry, age 23, Pvt.

Ballinger, William, age 24, Pvt.

Berry, James, age unknown, Pvt.

Biard, W. T., age unknown, Pvt.

Boswell, William, age unknown, Pvt.

Bryan, R. C., age unknown, Capt.

Cadle, James, age 33, Pvt.

Calloway, John, age 22, Pvt.

Calloway, Thomas J., age 28, Pvt.

Cateron, Joseph S., age unknown, Pvt.

Caviness, David, age 36, Pvt.

Cheatham, John, age 41, Pvt.

Childs, James W., age 28, Pvt.

Childs, Larkin, age 22, Pvt.

Childs, Livingston, age 18, Pvt.

Childs, Robert M., age 25, Pvt.

Colbert, Joseph, age 24, Pvt.

Creed, Auswell, age 21, Pvt.

Creed, Franklin, age 33, Pvt.

Crow, Luke A., age unknown, Pvt.

Derrick, George, age unknown, Pvt.

Derrick, George C., age 30, Pvt.

Derrick, George W., age 22, Pvt.

Derrick, John W., age 25, Pvt.

Derrick, John Wesly, age unknown, Pvt.

Dowlen, ?. A., age unknown, 2nd Sgt.

Dowlen, Amos, age unknown, 1st Cpl.

Follis, G. M., age unknown, Pvt.

Fort, William, age unknown, Pvt.

Fulton, David, age 37, Pvt.

Gish, George, age 45, Pvt.

Gose, Geo. R., age unknown, 1st Lt.

Grimes, John, age unknown, Pvt.

Hartzog, George R., age 25, Pvt.

Hobbs, John, age 40, Pvt.

Holder, Samuel, age 23, Pvt.

Holland, Benjamin, age 29, Pvt.

Holland, Ruben, age 30, Pvt.

Holt, James, age 31, Pvt.

Jackson, James, age unknown, Pvt.

Jackson, James F., age unknown, Pvt.

Jackson, Jesse, age 32, Pvt.

Jackson, John, age unknown, Pvt.

Johnson, William, age unknown, Pvt.

Kennedy, William, age unknown, Pvt.

King, Edmond, age 42, Pvt.

Land, Alford F., age 27, Pvt.

Lane, A. F., age unknown, 2rd Lt.

Ledbetter, J. Marion, age 21, Pvt.

Lee, Geo. W., age unknown, 3rd Sgt.

Lee, Matthew, age unknown, 2nd Cpl.

Lee, Peter Alexander, age 36, Pvt.

Lovell, James, age 23, Pvt.

McAmis, Thomas B., age unknown, Pvt.

McAmis, Thomas B., age unknown, 4th Sgt.

McDaniel, James C., age unknown, 2nd Lt.

McDaniel, Jas. C., age unknown, Pvt.

McDaniel, W. N., age unknown, Pvt.

McDaniel, William, age unknown, 4th Cpl.

McGlasson, Thomas G., age 28, Pvt.

Merrick, George, age unknown, Pvt.

Minton, F. M., age unknown, Pvt.

Moore, John W., age 31, Pvt.

Neilson, William, age 23, Pvt.

Orton, Benjamin M., age 29, Pvt.

Parham, Allen, age unknown, Pvt.

Parham, James, age 30, Pvt.

Piland, Elijah, age 37, Pvt.

Piland, Elisha, age 30, Pvt.

Piland, George, age 27, Pvt.

Piland, Ruben, age 28, Pvt.

Pollard, Austin, age 26, Pvt.

Pollard, Robert, age 19, Pvt.

Ragsdale, George, age 30, Pvt.

Ragsdale, Henry, age 34, Pvt.

Reed, Richard, age 43, Pvt.

Rigner, Monroe, age 25, Pvt.

Rushing, Elijah, age 25, Pvt.

Rutherford, Alfred, age 29, Pvt.

Rutherford, Milton, age unknown, Pvt.

Scott, Jas., age unknown, Pvt.

Scott, John, age unknown, Pvt.

Scott, William, age unknown, Pvt.

Sears, William, age 39, Pvt.

Slaughter, Robert, age 23, Pvt.

Snow, Ed, age 26, 1st Sgt..

Speairs, P. M., age 25, Pvt.

Speairs, William B., age 32, Pvt.

Sumpter, John Marshall, age 19, Pvt.

Thomas, George, age 28, Pvt.

Thomas, Josiah, age 25, Pvt.

Tipton, Franklin, age 41, Pvt.

Umbarger, Stephen, age 24, Pvt.

Utzman, Thomas, age 43, Pvt.

Whittenburg, Benjamin, age 46, Pvt.

Wilburn, Aaron N., age unknown, Pvt.

Wilburn, John, age 31, Pvt.

Yates, Jas., age unknown, Pvt.

Yates, William, age 19, Pvt.

Young, Issac W., age 31, Pvt.

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