Compiled by Ron Brothers

This unit organized in Precinct (or Beat) No. 7 of Hopkins County Texas and filed muster roll and election returns on 17 Aug 1861. No ages or year of birth appears on the muster roll. A copy of the muster roll is located in the Texas State Archives. It states the following:

The State of Texas, County of Hopkins, We the Judges and Clerks of an Election held in the Town of Sulphur Springs Precinct No. 7, on Saturday the 17 day of August 1861 in said County do hereby certify after being duly sworn that the annexed result of the election as counted out by us is correct and true...

W. S. ___?, Judge

Eli Bible, Judge

J. L. Garrison, Clerk

W. P. Ramsey, Clerk

F. M. Rogers, President and Enrolling Officer

Genl. H. Shelton

Sulphur Springs Aug 19, 1861

Sir- I send you results of Election for officers active service. I have enrolled 150 men. All did not vote on of sickness.

F. M. Rogers

Enrolling Officer

Precinct No. 7, Hopkins Co., Texas

Alexander, Jos., Pvt.

Alsobrook, William (Tom), Pvt.

Barnes, H. L., Pvt.

Bell, W. W., Pvt.

Bellstead, George, Pvt.

Bibb, Eli, Pvt.

Brown, Anderson, Pvt.

Brown, S. M., Pvt.

Brown, W. S., Pvt.

Buford, J. C., 3rd Sgt.

Bullion, W. D., Pvt.

Carter, G. B., Pvt.

Carter, S. D., Pvt.

Connally, C. P., Pvt.

Connally, Drury, Pvt.

Craig, Alonzo, Pvt.

Cross, W. H., Pvt.

Crumb, J. S. M., Pvt.

Davidson, John, Pvt.

Davis, F., Pvt.

Davis, W. L., Pvt.

Davis, William, Pvt.

Dugger/Duggin?, Wiley K., Pvt.

Easley, J. M., Pvt.

Elliot, John B., Pvt.

Ferguson, J. R., Pvt.

Flanagan, William, Pvt.

Foster, H. H., Pvt.

Frost, A. B., Pvt.

Fuqua, William M., Pvt.

Gafford, A. J., 2nd Lt.

Gafford, Samuel O., 4th Sgt.

Gafford, William L., Pvt.

Garrison, John L., Pvt.

Garrison, William, Pvt.

Ghant, Jas., Pvt.

Gilliland, J. L., Pvt.

Gilliland, John, Pvt.

Green, J. F., Pvt.

Green, Miller A., Pvt.

Harris, R. T., Pvt.

Hazelwood, Robert, Pvt.

Henderson, A. N., Pvt.

Henderson, J. H., Pvt.

Hudson, C., Pvt.

Hyde, J. J., Pvt.

Ishmael, S. S., Pvt.

Jacquet, Joseph, Pvt.

Johnson, Cyrus, Pvt.

Johnson, W. H., 1st Cpl.

Jones, B. F., Pvt.

Knighten, J. H., Pvt.

Lardin, John, Pvt.

Leftwich, J. A., Capt.

Lovelady, L. L., Pvt.

Lovelady, W. D., Pvt.

Lyster, J. Y. H., Pvt.

Lyster, T. F., Pvt.

Lyster, William C., Pvt.

Mann, J. W., Pvt.

Mann, J. W., 3rd Cpl.

Manning, G. S., Pvt.

Martin, J. O., Pvt.

Mauney(Mooney?), Jas., Pvt.

Mayfield, A. B. P., Pvt.

McCorkle, Logan H., Pvt.

McCrumby, J. S., Pvt.

McLemore, W. M., Pvt.

McLeroy, J. M., Pvt.

McLeroy, William, Pvt.

Melton, John, Pvt.

Miller, J. H., Pvt.

Mounts, F. M., Pvt.

Mounts, J. R., Pvt.

Movering, W. M., Pvt.

Newman, W., Pvt.

Nicholson, W. M., Pvt.

Nolan, W. C., Pvt.

Pate, J. W., 1st Sgt.

Patrick, F. H. (J. N.?), Pvt.

Patrick, Felix H., Pvt.

Payne, W. M., 1st Lt.

Ramsey, W. P., 3rd Lt.

Reeves, J. Judson, Jr., Pvt.

Reeves, J. Judson, Sr., Pvt.

Rogers, F. M., Pvt.

Rogers, H. C., Pvt.

Russell, Lafayette, Pvt.

Sartin, John, Pvt.

Searles, Thomas, Pvt.

Sewell, John J., Pvt.

Smith, Volney H., Pvt.

Stephenson, John, Pvt.

Stillwell, Thomas, 2nd Sgt.

Thorp, Jas., Pvt.

Tomlinson, E. I. W., Pvt.

Tomlinson, J. A., 4th Cpl.

Tomlinson, S. G., Pvt.

Town, A. L., Pvt.

Vansickle, B. A., Pvt.

Weaver, J. A., Pvt.

Wells, John T., Pvt.

Whitstone, J. S. J., Pvt.

Williams, W. B., Pvt.

Wilson, A. J., Pvt.

Withers, J. D., 2nd Cpl.

Wortham, W. A., Pvt.

Wynn, G. F., Pvt.

Yeary, S. S., Pvt.

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