Compiled by Ron Brothers

This unit organized in Precinct (or Beat) No. 5 of Hopkins County Texas and filed muster roll and election returns on 17 Aug 1861. No ages or year of birth appears on the muster roll. A copy of the muster roll is located in the Texas State Archives. It states the following:

The State of Texas, county of Hopkins, We the undersigned Managers of an election held in Precinct No. 5 in the state and county afore said on the 17th day of August 1861 for the purpose of Electing the following named Militia officers, to wit, one Captain, one First Lieut. and one Second Lieut., four sergeants and four corporals, that each candidate received the No. of votes annexed to his name as follows, to wit...

John T. McAlpin, Clerk

Silas L. Garrett, Clerk

James A. Willis, Judge

W. A. Moss, Judge

Another source indicates the company had another election on a different date as other different officers appear to have been elected.

Bailey, J. T., Pvt.

Boen, H., Pvt.

Boren, G. W., Pvt.

Bridges, A. J., 1st Sgt., 57 votes

Bridges, I. R. P., 2nd Sgt., 50 votes

Caudle, I. V., Pvt.

Clark, W. G., Pvt.

Clifton, W. M., Pvt.

Combs, E. T., Pvt.

Darnell, James, Pvt.

Deaton, H. H., 1st Lt., 53 votes

Delay, J., Pvt.

Delay, William, Pvt.

Dickson, G. D., Pvt.

Dickson, J. E., Pvt.

Foxhall, J. A., 2nd Cpl., 46 votes

Garrett, J. C., Pvt.

Garrett, James, 3rd Cpl., 45 votes

Garrett, John, Pvt.

Garrett, Silas L., Capt., 54 votes

Gee, A., Pvt.

Hill, J. N., Pvt.

Hodges, H. T., Pvt.

Hodges, W., Pvt.

James, Thomas, Pvt.

Jennings, Stephen, Pvt.

Jennings, William, Pvt.

Johnson, W., Pvt.

Langly, W. C., Pvt.

Long, P. T., 1st Cpl., 47 votes

Marrs, F., Pvt.

McAlpin, John T., 2nd Lt., 52 votes

McCarty, B. F., Pvt.

Moore, R. E., Pvt.

Moss, W. A., Pvt.

Moss, William, 3rd Sgt., 49 votes

Pippin, J. S., Pvt.

Pitts, D. F., 4th Sgt., 48 votes

Pratchard, W. L., Pvt.

Proctor, R., Pvt.

Pullin, T. A., Pvt.

Sheppard, C. C., Pvt.

Sheppard, David, Pvt.

Straily, S. D., Pvt.

Stuart, S. D., Pvt.

Walker, L. D., Pvt.

Walker, W. D., Pvt.

Weaver, T., Pvt.

Webb, J. W., Pvt.

Wilkinson, J. F., Pvt.

Wilkinson, P. W., Pvt.

Willis, James A., Pvt.

Wise, C., Pvt.

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