Compiled by Ron Brothers

This unit organized in Precinct (or Beat) No. 4 of Hopkins County Texas and filed muster roll and election returns on 17 Aug 1861. No ages or year of birth appears on the muster roll. No clerks or judges were listed. A copy of the muster roll is located in the Texas State Archives. It states the following:

Blackjack Grove

Hopkins Co. Texas

Brigadier Gen.

H. Shelton

Dear Sir according to your order to me issued requiring me to enroll and organize the Militia of Precinct No. 4 I transmit to you the following report of the officers elect and also a muster roll marked {A}. The election held on the 17 instant.

For Captain Merrit Branom

1st Lt. G. W. Downing

2nd Lt. Mark Nidever

2nd Lt. W. W. Bartholomew

No sergeants nor corporals elected.

Yours respectfully

C. C. Mount

Nine double barrel shot guns in good order and 12 rifles. The above does not include a volunteer company raised mostly in this Precinct consisting of about 75 men.

Yours respectfully

C. C. Mount

Akins, James, Pvt.

Alexander, J. S., Pvt.

Atren, William, Pvt.

Attaway, Albert, Pvt.

Attaway, Jones, Pvt.

Bartholomew, W. W., 2nd Lt.

Bean, J. D., Pvt.

Bean, W. S., Pvt.

Beebe, Adolphus, Pvt.

Blount, Green J., Pvt.

Blount, J. B., Pvt.

Branom, Merritt, Capt.

Browles, C. A., Pvt.

Brown, F. J., Pvt.

Brown, M. L., Pvt.

Burns, F. E., Pvt.

Burns, G. B., Pvt.

Burns, S. J., Pvt.

Carr, J. A., Pvt.

Cole, D. W., Pvt.

Cole, J. P., Pvt.

Cole, W. F., Pvt.

Dial, Nathaniel G., Pvt.

Downing, G. W., 1st Lt.

Downing, G. W., Pvt.

Elders, A. J., Pvt.

English, E. B., Pvt.

Finley, C. R., Pvt.

Foster, T. N., Pvt.

Gage, William, Pvt.

Garrett, J. P., Pvt.

Grace, J. P., Pvt.

Grider, G. J., Pvt.

Grider, R. F., Pvt.

Harris, G. H., Pvt.

Holbrook, W., Pvt.

Kersy, J. A., Pvt.

Kidd, P. M., Pvt.

Kinder, George, Pvt.

Kirbo, Green, Pvt.

Kounts, A. B., Pvt.

Long, C. R., Pvt.

McGee, M. J., Pvt.

Millholland, B. L., Pvt.

Monday, F. L., Pvt.

Monday, F. L., Pvt.

Nidever, J., Pvt.

Nidever, Mark., 2nd Lt.

Norwood, H. L., Pvt.

Prim, G. H., Pvt.

Prim, J. W., Pvt.

Prim, John, Pvt.

Ramsey, J. A., Pvt.

Ramsey, R., Pvt.

Rollins, J. H., Pvt.

Scott, R. H., Pvt.

Sellers, W. L., Pvt.

Smith, John, Pvt.

Smith, Jos., Pvt.

Steen, William, Pvt.

Walker, J. E., Pvt.

Ward, Ira, Pvt.

Ward, M., Pvt.

Warton, R., Pvt.

Williams, John, Pvt.

Williams, Matt, Pvt.

Willis, D. A., Pvt.

Winneford, G. L., Pvt.

Young, T. S., Pvt.

Young, W. W., Pvt.

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