20th Brigade

Muster Roll

Transcribed by Peggy Thompsen

Tarrant County

20th Brigade

Texas Militia

M. J. Brinson, Capt.

Muster Roll of Johnson Station Rangers

Recorded Sept the 23rd 1861, G. Nance, clk, Comd. Sept. 24, 1861


State of Texas

County of Tarrant

I hereby certify the subscribed enrollees are caused to be enrolled under the [unreadable word] of February 17th 1858 a company of mounted volunteers consisting of the following officers, new commissioned officers and privates. Viz.

Brinson, M. J., Capt.

Johnson, Benj. H., 1st Lt.

Kelly, J. W., 2nd Lt.

Ditto, J. W.*, 3rd. Lt.


Wise, Carlos, 1st Sgt.

Percy, W. H., 2nd Sgt.

Watson, Jas. A., 3rd Sgt.

Ford, R. C., 4th Sgt.


Dotten, P. T.*, 1st Cpl.

Robinson, Ira, 2nd Cpl.

Brinson, T. N., 3rd Cpl.

Watson, J. H., 4th Cpl.


1. Alexander, J. B., Pvt.

2. Anderson, H. L., Pvt.

3. Anderson, D. A., Pvt.

4. Anandes, Antonio*, Pvt.

5. Antonio, Angel, Pvt.

6. Barford, William, Pvt.

7. Bilsford, W. F.*, Pvt.

8. Coleman, T. Sr.*, Pvt.

9. Clifton, Lewis, Pvt.

10. Cannon, E. C., Pvt.

11. Cossa, Frank, Pvt.

12. Cockerel, William, Pvt.

13. Dalton, Thos., Pvt.

14. Dalton, Jasper, Pvt.

15. Dalton, John, Pvt.

16. Dalton, Joseph, Pvt.

17. Ellis, S. A., Pvt.

18. Ellis, Walker, Pvt.

19. Esinger, Lewis*, Pvt.

20. Fains, Sidney *, Pvt.

21. Ford, Pinkney, Pvt.

22. Goodwin, J. M., Pvt.

23. Goodwin, J. J., Pvt.

24. Goodwin, Charles A., Pvt.

25. Goodwin, W. L., Pvt.

26. Gibbens, James M., Pvt.

27. Gibbens, William, Pvt.

28. Gonzales, J., Pvt.

29. Hicks, W. P., Pvt.

30. Harrison, T. J., Pvt.

31. Harrison, William, Pvt.

32. Ish, T. A., Pvt.

33. Johnson, M. T. Jr., Pvt.

34. Jopling, G. W., Pvt.

35. Jopling, L. L., Pvt.

36. Kelly, E. N. , Pvt.

(note a bottom of page - different script)

also served in Comp. K

Johnson, Ben

Clifton, Lewis

Goodwin, J. M.

Thompson, H. D.

Perry, N. B.


37. Lot, J. S.*, Pvt.

38. McLamore, M. W., Pvt.

39. Mitchel, (No Given Name Written), Pvt.

40. Oneal, William, Pvt.

41. Oneal, James, Pvt.

42. Prichet, J. B., Pvt.

43. Perry, Greene, Pvt.

44. Perry, N. B., Pvt.

45. Perry, Hinton, Pvt.

46. Perkins, Lee, Pvt.

47. Perkins, Amsa, Pvt.

48. Ponciana, John, Pvt.

49. Ramsey, T. S., Pvt.

50. Robinson, Joseph, Pvt.

51. Sublett, John, Pvt.

52. Self, W. B, Pvt.

53. Turner, James T., Pvt.

54. Toliver, Joseph, Pvt.

55. Thompson, H. D., Pvt.

56. Utly, Thomas *, Pvt.

57. Watson, Alva, Pvt.

58. Watson, T. H., Pvt.

59. Wheeler, Harrison *(Given Name Lined Out), Pvt.

No# Harrison, D. C., Pvt.

That said Company was oprganized at Johnson Station on Sturday the 21st day of June 1861; that said company belongs to the arm of service known as: Rangers or Mounted Infantry and that the above named officers and privates are all members of the company at this date.

M. J. Brinson Capt.

On this 19th day of July 1861 personally came before me, M. J. Brinson, Captain of the company aforesaid who being duly sworn says that the Statements of the foregoing certificate are true.

Wm. Queryl

Chief Justice Tarrant County Texas

*Indicates the name was difficult to read.

Johnson Station was in Eastern Tarrant Co. now in the city of Arlington.

Additional information on some of the men:

Brinson, M. J. - wife of M. J. Brinson buried in Johnson Planataion Cemetery in Arlington, TX.

9. Clifton, Lewis 1829 MO-10 Jun 1862 also served with Co. K 14th TX cavalry buried Friendship Cemetery, Colombus, Lowndes Co., MS, died of typhoid. His wife and children buried Ford Cemetery.

21. Ford, Pinkney - P. H. Ford 9 Feb 1831-13 June/July 1901, buried in Ford Cemetery Grand Prairie, TX. [Pinkney Harold Ford]

34. Jopling, G. W. - 27 Nov 1833 - 2 Sep 1903 buried Johnson Station Cemetery, south Cooper St., Arlington, Tarrant Co., TX

35. Jopling, L. L. - 2 wives of L. L. Jopling are buried also in Johnson Station Cemetery.

58. Watson, T. H. - Watson, Thomas H. Feb. 15, 1835 - May 28, 1897, Johnson Station Cemetery.

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