Tinnin Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

Tinnin Cemetery is in the northeast part of the county off Slate Shoals Rd. (Farm Market 906), about 3.2 miles from Highway 271. It is in Block 9 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993. It is now abandoned, and contains only 8 marked graves, but about other 20 graves marked with bois d'arc posts. The land where the cemetery is located was once owned by James W. Westbrooks. The oldest marked grave is that of Vinis Chio, daughter of C.L. and Fannie Chio, who died 24 Sep 1893. There is speculation that a Johnathan W. Gill is buried in an unmarked grave and he died in the late 1870's or early 1880's. Much of the information about the cemetery comes from the notes of David R. Loftin obtained by Tony and Elizabeth Booth in 1983.

The following persons are known to be buried here: Infant Son Chio 5 Nov 1901 - 5 Nov 1901, Vinis Chio 6 Nov 1891 - 24 Sep 1893, Johnathan W. Gill 1801 -1870/1880?, John Spangler 1835 - 1 Aug 1908, Rebecca P. Mebane Tinnin 8 Nov 1834 - 2 Feb 1908, William H. Tinnin 25 Sep 1828 - 7 Jul 1910, James W. Westbrooks 5 Dec 1839 - 24 May 1907 and Nancy E. Gatlin Westbrooks 18 Jun 1842 - 5 Nov 1920.

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