Thomas Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

Thomas Cemetery's exact location is unknown except for the description "3 miles south of Loop 286 on Highway 24 south." This could be either southeast or southwest quadrant of the county, since Highway 24 is the boundary of the quadrants. It would be in Block 39 or 40 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993.

From the records of Elizabeth Booth: "There are at least four graves there but none with readable death dates. The grave of Mary Thomas appears to have a death date of 23 Sep 1862. There was a John D. Thomas who had a headright of 640 acres 5 miles south of Paris. The following is from the 1850 Lamar County Census; John D. Thomas, 34, male, TN.; Levenia, 26, female, TN. [maiden name Johnson]; Richard, 7, male, TX.; Mary, 5, female, TX.; James, 3, male, TX.; Danson, 1, male, TX.; William Draper, 24, male, MS. In 1858, John D. Thomas, W. W. Biard, and John H. Crook were appointed to superintend the building of a jail of 'good and well burned brick, two stories, 22 ft. wide and 41 ft. long.' John D. Thomas was also sheriff in 1852, and member of second Railroad Charter Co., for 25 miles of road, organized May 9, 1856. The first organization failed in 1854."

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