Rogers Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

Rogers Cemetery is located in the southwest quadrant of the county south of the intersection of County Road 23200 and Farm Market Road 1506. It is in Block 47 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993.

From the records of Elizabeth Booth: information was received from a telephone conversation 27 Oct 1979 from Morris Hamblin. He stated that there are two or three graves near the Charley Neeley home in the Ambia community, behind and over from the 'oil well site.' This would make the site in the southwest quadrant of the county. The graves are unmarked. The only known person buried there is Mary Hamblin Rogers who died about 1929.

Information from James M. Hamblin [deceased]: There were six Rogers family members buried there and the 'remains were removed to Restland Cemetery at Roxton 10 or 15 years ago and a single grave marker installed for those. The graveyard was situated on a hilltop 0.85 miles South 39 degrees East from the farm to market and railroad crossing in Ambia. The Rogers re-interment was told to him by his second cousin and good friend, Alma Daniel, 1900-1985, daughter of Reese Rogers and granddaughter of Mary Susan Hamblin Rogers (three Hamblin sisters married three Rogers brothers). Alma had acquired that property and caused the re-interment when she sold the property out of the family.

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