Restland Cemetery, Cunningham, Lamar County, TX

Restland Cemetery is located in the Cunningham community in the southeast quadrant of the county about 7 miles south of Deport on Farm Market Road 196. It is on County Road 16350 in Block 64 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993. Because there are two cemeteries in the county named Restland, entries for this cemetery in these records are recorded as Restland Cunningham in the cemetery field. There are more than 367 known graves. The oldest known grave in the cemetery is that of Annie May Claypool who was buried 21 Apr 1915.

Original interment records were provided by Marie Watson of Deport on 12 Sep 1992. Using those records the cemetery was fully recorded in November 1992 by Ron Brothers. Other information provided by Marie Watson is as follows: 'The land... was given by S. A. Cunningham in 1915. The deed.. was made on June 30, 1936 and is on record at the county courthouse. The cemetery is divided into 4 sections. Section B is to the left as you enter the south gate and Section A is east of section B. Section C is to the right as you enter the south gate and section D is east of Section C.'

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