Old Souls Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

From the records of Elizabeth Booth. There is no evidence that would indicate a church or cemetery was ever here. It is said to 'have been bull-dozed under.' The location is about two miles southeast of Deport, on land originally owned by Alexander Stevenson.

Information from Barbara Martin, Paris, TX: "The cemetery is located in in Block 64 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993. It is on the Alexander Stephenson survey in Southeast Lamar County, due west of present day Halesboro Cemetery (Red River Co.) Alexander was my great great grandfather."

Lamar County Deed Book F, p. 22-23: Alexander Stevenson deeded 4 acres of his 640 to E. R. Bentley, A. M. Jeffus and Isaac Bruton, trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church, to be used as a church-camp ground situated on Little Rushy Creek.

There are 18 graves reconstructed by memory. The oldest burial is one of several different persons whose death date is either 1864 or 1865 without month and day.

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