Mosely Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

Mosely Cemetery is located in the northeast quadrant of the county. It could be in Blocks 17 through 19 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993. Direct road directions are unclear from the records of Elizabeth Booth: From the "Gate 5 Road, east of Camp Maxey, [Farm Market Road 2648] was on the Harden farm but later on the Ed Lindsey Farm." There were 4 graves enumerated by Mrs. Booth and the oldest being that of Derastus W. Mosely, who died in 1875. Other information was given by Mrs. C. R. Malone on May 27, 1971.

The following persons are known to be buried here: Annie K. Mosely 19 Nov 1865 - 26 Nov 1897, Derastus Mosely 9 Oct 1886 - 20 Feb 1889, Derastus W. Mosely 1830 - 1875 and Guy W. Mosely 19 Jul 1862 - 18 May 1896.




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