Kitchens Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

Kitchens Cemetery is located in the northeast quadrant of the county near Novice. It is in Block 19 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993.

From the intersection of FM 195 and FM 906 in Novice, take FM 195 easterly for 4/10 mile to the intersection with CR45620. Take CR 45620 easterly for 2/10 mile to the intersection with CR 44600. Take CR 44600 southerly for 1.1 miles to the intersection with CR 45650. Take CR 45650 easterly for 4/10 miles and the cemetery is on the right. It is in a pasture about 50 yards south of the road across from a farmhouse and barn and is surrounded by a chain link fence.

GPS coordinates are 33 46' 15.7080" N, 95 21' 59.3028" W. (33.771030 Latitude and -95.366473 Longitude)

This cemetery is the burial plot of the family of Eli and Mary Kitchens who arrived in Lamar County about 1865 and farmed near Novice. The following persons are known to be buried here, from North to South:
Louisa E. Kitchens 18 Oct 1855 - 18 Jun 1925
Mary Martin Kitchens 8 Nov 1831 - 21 Dec 1908
Eli Kitchens 22 Aug 1825 - 18 Feb 1893
Laura Kitchens Copeland 10 Oct 1868 - 4 Feb 1895
Laura Mae Copeland died 1 Aug 1895
Martha Alice James Chennault 6 Sep 1856 - 14 Jan 1940
Berryneice Chenault Kitchens 18 Jun 1882 - 2 Oct 1952 — same marker with Charles
Charles Kitchens 10 May 1873 - 2 Oct 1952 — same marker with Berryneice
Gerald Ray Kitchens 13 Jan 1934 - 13 Jan 1934 (Grave to the east or foot of Charles Kitchens grave and no marker in place, nice amount of growing flowers on the grave)
Infant Twins Holmes (birth and death are not known) — (graves not found)

There were no other visible grave sites.

There are 11 known graves. The oldest inscribed grave in the cemetery is that of Eli Kitchens who died 18 Feb 1893. The cemetery was revisited and photographed by Lawrence and Sue Dale on 8 Apr 2014.


This cemetery photo used with permission from Diane and John Loy.

These cemetery photos showing the condition of the cemetery as of 24 Apr 2014 are used with permission from Lawrence and Sue Dale.


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