Jewish Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

The Jewish Cemetery is on the eastern side of the Oddfellow Cemetery. Zoe Hazlewood of Paris was told by resident Sy Wyler that all the bodies in the Jewish cemetery were exhumed and removed to the state of New York in 1921. Zoe remembers seeing a number of tombstones with Hebrew symbols on them at one time. She also remembers seeing many depressions in that part of the cemetery meaning many graves were unmarked and were settled. Oddfellow cemetery currently has a house on the eastern side which fronts Pine Bluff street. The western fence of this home is the eastern boundary of Oddfellow and continues along the same north to south line to Price Street. Any burials west of this line were in Oddfellow and any east of this line were in the Jewish cemetery except the extreme eastern part of the Jewish cemetery where the Lamar county once buried paupers. The earliest inscribed grave is that of Israel Trilling who died 18 Jan 1886. There are 9 identifiable graves in the cemetery. GPS coordinates are 33° 39' 46.26 N, 95° 32' 15.56 W.



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