Horton Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

Horton Cemetery, if it can be called one, is in Block 50 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993.

From the records of Elizabeth Booth: "Located northeast of Pattonville on land once owned by the McCuistion family in the southeast quadrant of the county. Doug and Rita Salter, with their children were exploring when one of the children found an overturned grave stone. Only one name, D.L. Horton, died 14 Nov 1913 was on the marker. Mrs. Elvin K. Horton told that her husband, now deceased, recalled two brothers of Elvin K.'s father ran away from their Laurence County, TN. home when they were teenagers. They came to Texas. One of the brothers name was Will, the other was unknown. This could be that brother. John, Will and the forgotten brother were one quarter Cherokee Indian."

The markers were located by chance by Butch and Betsy Mills on 18 Mar 1995. They lie .3 miles south from Highway 271 South on county road 13350 on the west side of the road. The markers were moved from their original location where now stands a fine brick home to a field maybe 50 yards to the north. At the time of the visit the home was owned by Tom Fults. The marker of D. L. Horton was being used as a door step to an unused house. The other marker simply inscribed 'Mother Horton' without any dates was found in a pile of rubble nearby.


No Photograph of the Cemetery Is Available


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