Frye McAdams Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

Frye McAdams Cemetery is sometimes called the McAdams Cemetery and the Chicota Cemetery. It is located in the northwest quadrant of the county at the end of County Road 35850 in Block 8 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993. This long lost burial site was cleared a few years ago. It is near the north northwest end of the Pat Mayse Spillway, on private property.

In Paris at the intersection of Loop 286 North and Hwy 271 North, take Hwy 271 north for 10.9 miles to the intersection with FM 906. Take FM 906 westerly across the dam on Pat Mayse Lake for 3.5 miles. (2/10 miles past the end of the dam) There is a gate on the right and a lane leading to the Frye residence. Take this lane northerly for 220 yards to the residence. The cemetery is an additional 132 yards northwesterly past the residence on the left and up an incline. The cemetery is in a chain link enclosure and plainly visible.

GPS coordinates are 33° 51' 31.1394" N, -95° 34' 0.228" W (33.85865 Latitude and -95.56673 Longitude).

There are only 3 marked graves now, surrounded by a chain link fence, but before it was cleared, there was evidence of perhaps 20 more. Probably many early inhabitants of Chicota were buried here. The oldest known grave in the cemetery is that of Nancy A. Taylor Hicks, who died 9 Oct 1892. Her grave is unmarked but James Russell Hicks testifies she is buried there. Ruth Renfro was able to record the cemetery. Mrs. Bob Hicks told Ruth Renfro in 1993, that W. B. Hicks donated land for this cemetery, school and church. Nothing remains to indicate a school or church ever stood there. It is possible that some of the Wilkins family is buried here. Also there was supposed to be a son and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hicks buried here. At present there are 7 known graves.

The following persons are known to be buried here:

Nancy A. Taylor Hicks 1853 - 9 Oct 1892

Sarah A. Maxwell Hicks 17 Mar 1844 - Before 1872

William H. Hicks 20 Mar 1846 - 22 Aug 1888

Catherine McAdams died 11 Feb 1908

Y. H. McAdams 1842 - 7 Feb 1908.

GPS coordinates are 33° 47' 24.13 N, 95° 35' 04.11 W.

Photos below courtesy of Lawrence and Sue Dale who visited the cemetery on 17 May 2014.

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