Faubian, Lamar County, TX

Faubian Cemetery no longer exists. Its demise is contributed to the plow and tractor and progress of the modern farm. The records were provided by Elizabeth Booth. She was able to record 18 graves through letters, telephone calls and death certificates. The cemetery, in the northeast quadrant of the county, was located north of North Lamar High School off Stillhouse Road. It is in Block 32 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993, about 75 yards due west of the intersection of County Road 41100 and 42200. It was once believed there were three tombstones stacked behind a barn on the property but in 1999 they had disappeared. The oldest known grave is that of Alexander L. Cox who died 10 Nov 1887. Later research in 1993 from the Rodgers and Wade Furniture Company Funeral records reveal this was once called Forbin Cemetery. Some of the names that Mrs. Booth had were recorded in Rodgers and Wade as buried in Forbin Cemetery. In May of 1999 Johnnie Lee, of Detroit, TX walked the area at the top of a small hill at the intersection of the county roads and found evidence of 23 graves using the dowsing method. He found no remaining evidence of markers.

In 1996 the land in which the cemetery is located is owned by Keith and Janet Green, Paris, TX, 75460, email - kgreen@1starnet.com, phone 784-0386.

No Photograph of the Cemetery Is Available


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