Cottonwood Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

The 1989 General Highway Map of Lamar County revised to May 1, 1992 shows a cemetery incorrectly labelled as Cottonwood (which should be Strother or Price Cemetery) due east of Tigertown. The real Cottonwood cemetery is known as Cottonwood and also Wright-Hill Cemetery and is not identified on that map. It is in Block 29 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993.

It is located on land across from C.W. Reeves on the J. Freeman survey, belonging to a Mr. Malicoat in 2014. From the intersection of Hwy 82 West and Loop 286 West in Paris, take Hwy 82 westerly for 1.2 miles to the intersection with FM 1510. Take FM 1510 west for 4.3 miles to the intersection with FM 38. Take FM 38 northwesterly for 7.6 miles to the intersection with CR 35150 on the left. Take CR 35150 southerly for 5/10 mile and the cemetery is on the right or west side of the road 73 yards into the woods.

GPS coordinates are 33° 41' 20.58" N, -95° 46' 35.8314" W. (33.68905 Latitude and -95.77662 Longitude)

There are only three stones in the cemetery according to Elizabeth Booth who recorded the cemetery. Only two stones, J. W. Wright and Thomas Gertrude Hill, have dates. Other information was obtained from Mrs. Bert Nixon by telephone in 1971. Mary Elizabeth Robinson married first to Wright, probably J. W. Her second marriage was to another Wright. She married a third time to a Mackey. The second Mr. Wright was buried here along with a child named Phoebe. Gertrude Nixon Hill and J. W. Wright were the aunt and uncle of Bert Nixon. Mrs. Nixon recalled that there was once 12 to 15 graves in the cemetery. From the following it is called Wright-Hill Cemetery.

From LOST, ABANDONED, FAMILY and SMALL COMMUNITY CEMETERIES, a compilation of cemetery listings copied between 1930 and 1965, published and edited by Patricia Armstrong Newhouse, Honey Grove, TX: 'Located southeast of Tigertown on county road on private land. It is in heavy timber and abandoned.' There are many bois d'arc posts.

The following persons are known to be buried here: Thomas Gertrude Hill 12 May 1866 - 16 May 1889, George Simeon Jay 28 Jan 1806 - 3 Nov 1856, Mary Susan Jay 16 Jul 1856 - Death not known, Susannah Dean Jay 1808 - 1861, J. W. Wright 17 Aug 1854 - 3 Jul 1878, Mary Elizabeth Wright birth and death not known, Phoebe Wright birth and death not known.

Cemetery was revisited and photographed in May 2014 by Lawrence and Sue Dale.


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