Cedar Hill Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

Cedar Hill Cemetery is located in the northwest quadrant of the county, within the city limits of Paris. This burial ground lies about 100 yards north of the intersection of Graham St. and 36th NW. It may be easier to access from 34th NW which is the gravel road on the west side of Travis School. It is in Block 164 in the city of Paris of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993. The name of the cemetery comes from the records of Elizabeth Booth who recorded the cemetery on Feb. 2, 1973. GPS coordinates are 33° 39' 55.38 N, 95° 35' 48.49 W.

THE LAMAR COUNTY ECHO, Jan. 15, 1981: "(Picture Caption) Forgotten Cemetery- Chester Martindale, area Boy Scout executive, walks through the fallen tombstones of an abandoned cemetery west of Travis Middle School and adjacent to Boy Scout property in west Paris. Some believe that the cemetery, which contains graves now over 100 years old, is name Cedar Hill. Lamar County Historian Elizabeth Booth said a representative of the U.S. Department of the Interior told her that his records indicated the cemetery was called Cedar Hill, but that she has no local records to confirm the name. The most recent tombstone shows that the person died in 1954. The cemetery, almost inaccessible by car, is now covered with brush and many grave markers have been damaged.

"There is a drainage ditch that can be followed until it joins an old path. There were 47 known graves between the Booth and House-Mills records. Mrs. Booth stated there were 8 Funeral Home markers that were unreadable at the time of her recording, which are not included in this compilation. The oldest inscribed stone in the cemetery is that of Maggie Burnett who died 27 Nov. 188? The cemetery is in very bad condition. The stones are broken and scattered. This cemetery was recorded by Elizabeth House and Betsy Mills on 8 May 1992.

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