Binnion Cemetery, Lamar County, TX

Binnion Cemetery is on Farm Market Road 1497, southeast of Biardstown, .1 mile north of the intersection of County Road 14670 and Farm Market Road #1497, then 100 yards east of the road inside a chain link fence. The cemetery was visited 2 Apr 1995, by Ron Brothers and Butch and Betsy Mills. It is in Block 57 of the Lamar County Road Map produced by American Drafting and Services revised December 1993. A part of the old Binnion home, made of logs was still standing in 1973. Near the house, enclosed by a chain link fence, is the family burial plot. There are only 3 marked graves, the oldest inscribed being that of Clementine Binnion, who died 12 Feb 1862. A descendant, R. Bunyon Binnion, was a teacher in the public schools in Paris. Later he became Lamar County school superintendent, President of the College of Industrial Arts, at Denton, TX., and also President of East Texas State College, in Commerce, TX. The cemetery was enumerated by Tony and Elizabeth Booth on Oct. 27, 1971. The following persons are known to be buried here: Clementine Binnion 14 Jul 1825 - 12 Feb 1862, J. C. Binnion 4 Nov 1821 - 14 Mar 1884 and James W. Binnion 12 Apr 1849 - 28 Jan 1864.

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